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David O Neill

Site Reliability Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Dev Ops Engineer

Cloud Engineer

Systems Engineer

Personal Details

Irish (freely work in E.U)


  • Bachelor's Degree Computer Systems
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Network Certified Professional
  • VMware vSphere


  • Python (daily)
  • PHP (daily)
  • Bash/CShell (daily)
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (daily)
  • Java (Android)
  • Swift (IOS)
  • NodeJs
  • C#
  • Golang
  • Classic ASP
  • Perl
  • C/C++
  • Ansible, Chef, Cfengine, Puppet, Terraform DSL


  • Division recognition reward for first sites deployment of Kerberos NFS

  • Intel Shannon Recognition award for Design and Implementation of offsite development Centre

  • Division recognition reward for first Step Delivering High Availability Solution for Cloud Native Deployments


Jan 2019 - Present

Site Reliability Engineer

Canonical (Ubuntu Linux)
Engineer, Bootstack
  • 50 Operations / 50 Development
  • Working on private cloud offerings for Canonical customers across a plethora of use-case requirements
  • Day to day technologies include, juju, maas, landscape, openstack, kubernetes and a number of networking and storage solutions such as ceph, swift, openvswitch, contrail, calico & flannel
  • Development consists of python (juju charms)
Sept 2018 - Jan 2019

File System Engineer

Dell EMC
File system Engineer, Data Domain Protection
  • Working on core debug analysis Data Domain product
2014 - Sept 2018

Network Software Engineer

Containers orchestration team scrum master & technical lead
  • Working on Kubernetes with Docker, CNI, Etcd & flannel
  • CNI development in Golang for the support of DPDK/SRIOV/VHost User and Bonding.
  • CPU Manager for Kubernetes Development in Python
  • CI/CD Jenkins for build automation with Ansible
  • Openstack Kuryr - OVS
  • Clearwater IMS on kubernetes and AWS/GCP
  • Software Legal Compliance ProtexIP - Code Center
Technical lead for configuration management Open Network Software 2.0
  • Linux Kernel and Systemd-NetworkD,
  • Chef configuration of system-networkd
  • Systemd-networkd C - L2 / L3 FM6k / FM10K Chipsets
  • LAG / Port State / Port Attributes / UFD / FDB / QOS / VLAN
Technical lead for infrastructure of Open Network Software 1.2
  • C++, SWIG, Python, M4 Autotools, google protocol buffers and Zeromq
2012 - 2014

UNIX Systems Programmer

  • Puppet, Perl, Bash, CShell, Vbscript, Jscript post deployment configuration for internal lab cloud provisioning solution (Windows/Linux/BSD)
  • OpenStack post provisioning configuration with Puppet
  • Openstack deployment scripts in Bash
  • PHP NetApp Storage Usage Analytics Web Service
  • C# .Net asynchronous library for Service Now ticket creation outlook plugin


  • I have done extensive travelling around Europe, Asia and Central America
  • I have lived in Germany and Portugal


Chip Design Automation Engineer
Software Engineering Manager
  • Clem O Donnell (University of Limerick)
Learning Center Administrator
  • ITIL Incident Specialist LvL4 / Request Specialist LvL4
  • Support 1.5K~ SLES production servers across 16 sites in GER/Russia
  • Cfengine Regional Service Owner aligning to global operations - 42k~ servers
  • Global Project Owner for Cfengine 2 retirement
  • Sudo Regional Service Owner
  • Backup Regional Service Owner for 12 production VCenter Clusters
  • Regional Datacenter Services consolidation into Leixlip/Nizhny Hub Sites
  • Kerberos NFS in GER - Compute Design Cloud Global Data Accessibility (GDA)
  • Offsite Development Center, IT/Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation, delivered IT infrastructure to support cloud provisioning
  • Galileo Lab Services Deployment and Support Leixlip - Quark SoC
  • Supporting Build forge, Git, Subversion, Jenkins continuous integration
  • Data Center Downtimes, NetApp Filer Migrations
  • Support for all Linux, BSD, and Windows operating systems
2008 - 2012


University of Limerick
  • I partook in delivering Java learning courses as part of peer support learning program.
  • Prepared and delivered targeted PHP, C++, and Java sessions for undergraduates, graduates, and pre and post doctorates.
  • Drop in support for imperative/declarative programming problems

UNIX Systems Programmer (Intern)

  • Provided Linux compute/lab support in Shannon for 300 customers
  • Managed extensive lab hypervisor infrastructure
  • Data Center Downtime, Filer Migrations
  • Clearquest Perl, PHP, C++ MySQL lab custom ISC DHCPD solution
  • Perl men and mice DNS IPAM management solution for lab DDNS
  • Altiris hardware dependent imaging solution based upon clonezilla
  • Took on responsibilities of two Senior Systems Programmers, windows and UNIX during their annual leave and sabbatical leave.
  • VBscript low cost digital signage solution for Shannon
2005 - 2006


Click Here LTD Startup
  • Booking keeping - I maintained financial and inventory records, forecasting, budgeting, utilities, banking.
  • People management
  • Network administrator - physical installation and configuration
  • Systems administrator - installation and configuration
  • Painting Electrical Work, 80+ hours week for 3 months
2003 - 2005

IT Technician

Nethouse LTD
  • Network administrator - physical installation and configuration
  • Systems administrator - installation and configuration